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GUNNAR, the preeminent force and #1 in gaming glasses announced a three-year licensing agreement with ESL, the world’s largest esports company. Together GUNNAR x ESL have joined forces to bring both esports players and fans alike a new range of ESL branded gaming glasses that will help them perform their best while protecting their eyes, doing what they love the most.

Lightning Bolt 360 ESL Edition

LB360 ESL Vanity - GUNNAR x ESL

Introducing the most versatile pair of elite gaming glasses ever created, the Lightning Bolt 360, ESL Edition.

ESL Blade

ESL Blade Vanity - GUNNAR x ESL

Compete with the best and enhance your performance with the ESL Blade – the first ever signature ESL gaming glasses designed with competition in mind.

ESL Blade Lite

gunnar esl blade lite glasses

Style, Performance and Protection in One!
GUNNAR Youth Introduces ESL Blade Light, for teens.