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GUNNAR, the leader in gaming and computer eyewear, and Ubisoft, the iconic game company, have joined forces to protect gamers’ eyes from endless hours spent staring at screens. Together, GUNNAR and Ubisoft have created a collection of limited edition glasses that arm gamers with the ultimate eye protection to enhance performance.

6-Siege Ash

ASH glasses pouch cloth case 1500x624 1 - GUNNAR x Ubisoft

Equip yourself with 6-Siege, Ash Edition gaming glasses to stay sharp, alert and protected. Loadout, execute and win with GUNNAR!

Lightning Bolt 360, 6 Siege Edition

LB360 6 Siege Vanity - GUNNAR x Ubisoft

Introducing the most versatile pair of elite gaming glasses ever created, the Lightning Bolt 360, 6 Siege Edition.

6-Siege Intercept

6 Siege Intercept Amber 3 4 pouch - GUNNAR x Ubisoft

Prepare to breach fortified strongholds and hold the defense line to complete your mission with the 6-Siege Intercept.

Enigma, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Edition

ACVL Enigma 2 1500x624 1 - GUNNAR x Ubisoft

Enhance your visual experience and lose track of time as you immerse yourself in Assassin’s Creed®:VALHALLA.

Far Cry 5: The Father

The Father Front - GUNNAR x Ubisoft

See the world of Far Cry 5 through the eyes of Joseph Seed, the self-proclaimed “Father” of Eden’s Gate.